New PFMA Chairman vows to ensure excellence in the footwear industry.

Mr Mansoor Ehsan, Chief Executive Officer of Xarasoft and the new Chairman of the Pakistan Footwear Manufacturing Association (PFMA) for 2022-2023, was welcomed at a simple but impressive ceremony held at the PFMA office recently.

Mr Mansoor Ehsan lauded the efforts of the outgoing Chairman, Mr Zahid Hussain from Rafum Industries, office-bearers and retiring members of the Executive Committee.

He vowed to put in sincere efforts to resolve the problem afflicting the industry. He pledged to continue the ongoing projects and asserted that all our efforts would be made for future progress and prosperity of the footwear sector.

Mr Mansoor Ehsan said that all the possible avenues would be explored for joint ventures with the international footwear companies besides focusing on the skill development of workers and managers for the collective good of the sector.

The newly elected Chairman said that excellence would be ensured in all the departments so Pakistan’s footwear sector could compete globally to ensure quality in shoe production. He noted that horizontal and vertical linkages would be developed to support the industry in the country. He assured us to take all necessary decisions in the consensus of the Executive Committee for the larger interest of the footwear sector and manufacturers of Pakistan.

He said every possible step would be put in place to engage government departments for an enabling environment to benefit exporters, manufacturers, component supplies, and large, medium and small industries of footwear along with the mutual interest of SMEs.

He said that rapport would be developed with the relevant government quarters and national policymakers to address the key challenges and issues faced by the industry and manufacturers.

The outgoing Chairman thanked the Executive Committee members for their support and cooperation achieve success for the PFMA and footwear industry of Pakistan. He wishes New Chairman the best of luck in keeping the flag high and fulfilling the dream of self-reliance “Made in Pakistan” for the footwear industry.

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