Consul General of Pakistan in UAE inaugurated Pakistan Pavilion in APLF 22

The formal inaugural ceremony of the Pakistan Pavilion in Asia Pacific Leather Fair’2022, in Dubai, UAE, was jointly organized by the Pakistan Tanners’ Association & Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai, UAE, at the entrance of the Pakistan Pavilion in Hall # 4 at 30.03.2022 at World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE.

The Consul General, Consulate General of Pakistan in UAE, Mr Hassan Afzal Khan, inaugurated the Pakistan Pavilion as “Chief Guest”. It was attended by Mr Shafique Ahmed, Chairman, Int’l Fairs & Delegations Standing Committee, PTA, Mr Aziz Ahmed, Vice-Chairman, PTA, Mr Agha Saiddain, ex-Chairman, PTA, Mr Adeem Khan, TIC, Consulate General of Pakistan, UAE and others.

According to a PTA statement, 46 Pakistani exporters dealing in producing Finished Leather of Cow, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat skins, Leather Garments, Leather Footwear, Leather Gloves & Leather Products/made-ups participated in APLF’2022. They want to take due to maximum advantages from it to expand their trade volume with potential buyers/customers/visitors during 3 Days shows in Dubai, UAE, under the aegis of the National Pavilion of Pakistan in the MM&T Section (finished leather with26 exporters) & F&FP Section (Leather Garments Section with 20 exporters) in Asia Pacific Leather Fair from 30th March to 1st April 2022 at Dubai, UAE.

A beautiful Pakistan Pavilions in both sections of APLF’22 with eye-catching colour schemes/features have been arranged with the help of the Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai, UAE, to become an extensive gate-way for the 46 Pakistani exporters to yield/conclude the sizeable business during the Show for the promotion of country’s exports and to promote the leather sector of Pakistan as well.

Before participation, extensive marketing & dissemination has already been through the Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai, UAE amongst the potential buyers/customers/visitors, Federations, Chambers, Association at the destination to visit the Pakistan Pavilion in APLF’22, Dubai for business tie-up/collaboration/joint ventures to achieve the desired goals/objectives of the Pavilion/participation in this important event at Dubai, UAE.

PTA thanked the Consul General, Mr Hassan Afzal Khan, for inaugurating the Pakistan Pavilion in APLF’222 to grace the occasion with his august presence. PTA also thanked EDF/MOC exceptionally for allocation of funds to PTA in general and is very thankful to TDAP, Govt. of Pakistan for their cooperation & patronage in particular.

In conclusion, Mr Hassan Afzal Khan, Consul General, Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai, assured maximum support to the Pakistani business people during the Fair in Dubai to make the participation more result-oriented and to achieve the desired objectives of involvement for the supreme motive to promote the country’s exports as per aspiration of the Government.

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