The SquarePeg takes centre stage at ITCN 2023 –

The SquarePeg, a leading women-led digital marketing agency, remained the centre of attention at ITCN Asia 2023, inspiring other women leaders and professionals. An information technology and telecom show that was recently held at the Pak-China friendship centre, with massive footfall and provided an outstanding opportunity for the entire tech ecosystem of Pakistan.

The SquarePeg with a diverse culture that encourages innovation and creativity, was passionate about empowering and supporting women in the tech industry.

People from all walks of life took great interest in the company’s booth; they learned more about their services, met their team, and explored how the agency helps other businesses thrive in the digital age.

At the occasion, Zunaira Omar, founder of The SquarePeg said that more women representation with creative and innovative minds is needed in this growing sector and we aim to work toward a healthier and more just world.

“We believe in inclusiveness to drive innovation and growth, and we are committed to building lasting relationships with our partners,” said Qanaita Mehmood, Senior Project Expert.

Founder President IWCCI Samina Fazil and trade body members also visited the expo to support the initiatives of the women entrepreneurs. Business leaders should answer more calls to address the most pressing issues and help communities by taking their experience into the social sector.

The tech world needs more women’s perspective if we’re going to tackle some of the biggest challenges impacting us, said Naima Ansari, former VP of FPCCI. She said India is earning 178 billion dollars through IT exports while Pakistan is making only 2.5 billion dollars. Pakistan can outshine India if policymakers pay attention to this sector.

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