FPCCI will devise a charter of economy to meet the economic challenges

Newly elected President FPCCI Atif Ikram Sheikh arrives in the FPCCI Capital Office Islamabad with a big crowd consisting of the members of the business community of Islamabad and adjacent areas. The Chairman of Capital Office, Karim Aziz Malik, the Chairman of Coordination, Malik Sohail Hussain, and the Vice Presidents of FPCCI, namely Ashfaq Ahmed and Tariq Jadoon, warmly welcomed him and showered flower leaves on him. On this occasion, on a festive event, a special band was arranged to congratulate him and celebrate his historic victory in FPCCI’s election.

Earlier, the crowd escorted him from his residence to FPCCI Capital House Islamabad.

Various business leaders of UBG and Founder Group of Islamabad CCI, prominently Zubair Malilk, Tariq Sadiq, Former Presidents FPCCI Rauf Alam, Zubair Ahmed Malik, former Vice President PCCI and General Secretary UBG Zafar Bakhtawari, Chairman Founder Group ICCI Khalid Iqbal Malik, Mian Akram Farid, Mian Shaukat Masood, Mohammad Ijaz Abbasi, Khalid Javed, Tariq Sadiq, Acting President ICCI Engineer Azhar -ul -Islam, President Islamabad Woman Chamber Rizwana Asif, and All Officials of Islamabad and Rawalpindi All Trade Bodies, businessmen, industrialists were present on the occasion and expressed their views.

While speaking during the ceremony, FPCCI’s newly elected President, Atif Ikram Sheikh, said that all will have to work jointly to solve the problems of the country’s development, industry, commerce, business and investment to solve the problems of the business community.

He stressed devising the charter of the economy to bring out Pakistan from the current economic crises.

He further said that trade and industry are the engine of Pakistan’s economy, which need to be strengthened, and the business community is the driver of trade and industry.

He said that the energy crisis is intensifying, industries are closing down, and joint efforts of the public and private sectors are needed to solve problems. He added that it is our responsibility to bring out the country from economic challenges. The government institutions and political parties should include the business community as stakeholders in business policy making. He said that all political parties should add charter of economy in their manifesto and ensure that they will work for the economic development to ensure sustainable and long -term economic policies. He said that the FPCCI will play an effective role in creating harmony among all stakeholders at the national level regarding the economy.

On this occasion, Karim Aziz Malik Chairman Capital Office Islamabad urged to review economic policies. The government has to make long -term and consistent policies for development and improvement of the industry. He said that the continuous increase in electricity and gas prices could endanger the pace of industrial growth. He demanded the government and especially the finance minister to take steps to bring interest rates to a single digit so that the availability of capital at low and tolerant interest rates to the businesses could be ensured.

Addressing the ceremony, Chairman Coordination FPCCI Capital Office said that we are committed to solve the problems of business community of entire country and the problems of industry of Pakistan.

Sohail Malik said that FPCCI has its fingers on the pulse of our economy and we know the problems and difficulties that are facing by the business community. He said that all Chambers of Commerce, Trade associations are now united under one roof of FPCCI.


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