PSO launches brand building campaign for low-sulfur “Action + Diesel”

The country’s flagship oil marketing company, PSO, has launched a print and radio marketing campaign for its newly introduced diesel product “Action +” which marked the beginning of environment and vehicle-friendly diesel products in the country. The campaign highlights benefits of “Action + Diesel” which, due to its low sulfur content, ensures a cleaner environment, and better performance of vehicles. “Action +”not only produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, but also extends lubricant and engine life. The resultant emission reductions of hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen by use of low-sulfur diesel will be a huge step forward toward ensuring a healthy environment in the country.

Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Sheikh Imran UlHaque, CEO & MD of PSO, said: “We at PSO take immense pride in being the first mover of the low-emission Euro-II compliant diesel product in the country. PSO has always been a frontrunner in playing the role of the primary catalyst for Pakistan’s fuel revolution. Being the country’s leading oil marketing company, we will continue our responsible and proactive approach towards improving the country’s fuelling experience while at the same time ensuring a better and cleaner environment,” he added.

Being the country’s leading oil marketing company, PSO has a dominant market share in diesel, and is continuously playing its part in meeting the nation’s growing annual demand for diesel. The launch of “Action + Diesel” comes as part of PSO’s fuel revolution that started with the introduction of Pakistan’s first higher-RON grade gasoline products in November 2016.

Improving fuel quality and meeting the nation’s energy requirements have been key components of PSO’s mission, both of which are efficiently met by the company. PSO pledges to continue to launch initiatives that enhance customer experience.

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