A tribute to Abul Hasanat

Abul Hasanat was a lively human being and an accomplished journalist. He never expressed resilience to the principles of journalism in his life, these were the views of President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah, while addressing a condolence reference held in memory of senior journalist Abul Hasanat, in the Ahmad Shah Building of the Arts Council.

He said that Abul Hasanat never ever commit any wrong doing neither he encouraged it.

Secretary Arts Council Professor Ijaz Farooqi said that the blessing and honor Allah had bestowed on Hasanat was immense, and if every journalist performs his/her duties with that dedication, our country will flourish for sure, as any country flourishes because of its people. Professor Sehar Ansari said that Abul Hasanat was a man of principles, and his work would always speak for itself. The scent of his personality can still be felt today in this evening.

Former Administrator Fahim uz Zaman shared that he learned to write articles and columns because of Abul Hasanat and everyone who has worked with him speaks good of him. Anwar Sen Roy said that if anyone wants to do a responsible job in journalism, he should have complete access to the language, which was introduced to me by Abul Hasanat. A.H. Khanzada said, “I consider Abul Hasanat my mentor. He guided me at every step like a teacher which benefitted me in the most commendable way.

Dr. Maria said that my father always taught me morality and rights and urged me to treat adults and children with respect and consider it as part of their training. Professor Anees Zaidi said that Abul Hasanat was a human being with so much knowledge and a person who was in love with his job. Shafiq-ur-Rehman Paracha, Anjum Rizvi, Mukram Bukhari, Dr Shakeel Farooqui, Dr. Sultan and others also addressed the ceremony. The duties of the moderator were carried out by Kashif Grami.

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