Pakistan’s Power Sector noticed generation up by 2.7% YoY during May’24

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Power generation jumped by 2.7% YoY to arrive at 12,617 GWh (16,958 MW) during May’24, compared to 12,284 GWh (16,510MW) during SPLY. Moreover, on MoM basis, power generation climbed by 46.0%. However, in 11MFY24, power generation decreased by 1.9% YoY to 113,705 GWh (14,100 MW) compared to 115,876 GWh (14,412MW) in SPLY.

In May ’24, the actual power generation was 11.3% lower than the reference generation. This decline in generation is expected to result in a QTA of about ~ PKR 2.4/kWh, which customers will bear in their electricity bills from September ’24 to November ’24.

In May’24, fuel cost for power generation declined by 10% YoY to an average of PKR 8.74/KWh compared with an average cost of PKR 9.72/KWh during SPLY. The fall in fuel cost is primarily attributed to lower cost of generation from RLNG (down 1.8% YoY). Moreover, power generation from relatively economical sources increased, with hydel and nuclear increasing by 17.9% YoY, and 53.0% YoY respectively. Furthermore, it is pertinent to note that, on a MoM basis, fuel cost decreased by 5.0%.

 The load factor of CPHGC arrived at 8% during May’24, after 5 consecutive months of zero dispatches. The load factor of TEL and TNPL settled at 42% and 64% during May’24, respectively, and the overall load factor of local coal-based plants came at 70%.

  • The hydel-based generation rose by 18% year over year to 3,906 GWh during May’24. This is due to higher generation from the WAPDA, which generated 3,108 GWh in the month of May’24, compared to 2,550 GWh generation in SPLY, a jump of 22% year over year.

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