HUBC has seen significant increases in power generation

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·         Power generation for the month of January has clocked in at 8,515GWh, remaining flat MoM while decreasing by 3.2%YoY compared to 8,797GWh generated last year. Circular debt for the power sector has crossed PkR2.5tn compared to PKR2.25tn in Jun’22.

·         Hydel generation for the month has clocked in at 800GWh, decreasing substantially on a monthly basis as January is the month of least hydrology in the country historically. Furthermore, RFO plants have finally seen an uptick in utilization, with 463MW generated in the month compared to merely 39MW last month.

·         Average cost of generation for the month has risen by 59% to Pk11.2/kWh owing to the decrease in generation from Hydel plants and the consequent increase in reliance on thermal sources. In terms of the generation mix for January, the largest contributors are Coal, Nuclear, RLNG, Gas and Hydel contributing 29%/22%/15%/13%/9% to the mix.

·         HUBC has seen significant increases in power generation, with 58GWh more power generated in this month, while down by 72%YoY despite the new TEL plant coming online this year.  KAPCO remains non-operational owing to the expiry of its PPA and is still out of the Merit Order, although it has sold 2.7GWh from its RLNG plant in the month.

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