Ilma University plans to organize the International Virtual Conference

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Ilma University is indeed on a roll as it plans to hold the one of a kind International Virtual Conference on the Transformative Role of Social Media Amid COVID 19 on FRIDAY 16TH – SATURDAY 17TH OCTOBER 2020. This will truly be a ground-shaking conference as it will revolve around the most predominant area currently. 

Department of Media Science takes lead and brings this internationally acclaimed event to the limelight with the deliberation and dialogues on the far-reaching social media dimension. The University aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry through this upcoming elaborated online conference. As reiterated by one of the esteemed participants, “This virtual conference will unveil at the right time with the winds of change to propel all to adopt the novel ways of information dissemination.” 

Ilma University will put into action the supreme importance of social media and all its aspects with the impact on views plus reviews globally. It will indeed keep the finger on the pulse of the throbbing networks worldwide.


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