“NTRC to be made a vibrant research organization”

Federal Secretary Communications Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui on Monday inaugurated the “Plantation for Pakistan campaign” of the ministry at National Transport Research Centre (NTRC) by planting a sampling of araucaria excelsa. He nominated NTRC Chief Sajjad Afzal Afridi as the focal person of the campaign of the ministry in the country.

The secretary was given a comprehensive briefing about the mandate and performance and problems being faced by the NTRC. The secretary said that it was an important national organization neglected in the past. The meeting made the pledge that NTRC would be made a vibrant organization in near future.

The efforts of the NTRC chief and its staff for its revival were appreciated and it was sated that research and database for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was vital and NTRC will be linked with CPEC, Planning Division and Centre of Excellence and its relations with academia would be further strengthened to improve its performance.

The meeting also decided that NTRC would further increase its research for controlling road accidents in the country so that the commuters’ safety could be ensured. The meeting also NTRC services would also be utilized for further improving performance of National Highway Authority (NHA) and National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP). It was also decided that the NTRC will also expand its research in other modes of transportation including shipping and railways sectors.

The meeting gave approval to the proposal that a modern library would be established at the NTRC which would provide guidance to the students and researchers and it would be linked with Higher Education Commission.

The NTRC was asked to submit proposals to the ministry for getting maximum benefits for Pakistan from CPEC and other economic corridors and for improving   relations with other international institutions related to this sector.

The National Transport Research Center was set up in 1974 in the Planning Commission to provide research and development support for planning and appraisal of transport sector projects. In 1992, the NTRC was transferred to Ministry of Communications is effectively functioning as Research and Development Wing of the ministry.

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