Ilma streamed a performance-oriented webinar aimed at decent work, sustainable cities & industry

ILMA proved the saying Attitude is Altitude right through its high-performance webinar titled, Your Degree Won’t Guarantee You Job But Your Attitude Can. This one of a kind webinar was conducted by the leading International Business and Performance Expert Neville Gaunt, CEO Mindfit UK and Chairman Your Passport2Grow. It was quite amazing to see this exceptional COACH unravel the secrets of job success

Neville brought into light the fact that even if one had a degree, the real determinant of success was the attitude one had which were resultant towards driving behaviours, creating cultures and delivering now for tomorrow. He put forth what employers wanted and what employees lacked. The triangle of success was based on Knowledge, Skills and Attitude which were interlinked and imperative in the right combination for hitting the top in the job.

As reiterated by the COACH, ‘Improving Engagement Guarantees Success.’

This could not have been far from the truth. As more graduates are hired, the probability of them succeeding in their jobs is directly proportional to the factors of effective communication and rapport that is created – in short, the bond they have with their colleagues but most importantly their bosses. Most often, a positive attitude is lacking which is most important in climbing up the rung. ILMA was able to show the way to better workplace performance with the most needed employability factors to succeed worldwide.

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