Huawei launch new Intelligent OptiX Campus Solutions

The Huawei OptiX Summit 2022 was held in Islamabad. The OptiX summit was organized by Huawei Pakistan. The event was attended by a number of high level dignitaries from Industry including ISPs, Government Sector and other stakeholders.

The event was organized to provide a platform where-in a strategic mechanism can be devised so that industry stakeholders scan effectively collaborate to achieve better digital Pakistan. In order to make this possible Huawei have invited its customers & partners to work concertedly so that the gaps can be bridged, technology limitations can be overcome, and pave a way for future opportunities.

Mr. Gaoweijie, MD Huawei EBG welcomed the participants from industry and expressed gratitude for being part of Huawei family as this is the trust of our customers and partner which lead Huawei OptiX developed in Pakistan speedy. He emphasized the importance of optical connectivity is paramount digital transformation which will eventually fuel the economy of Pakistan.

Mr. Wahaj Us Siraj, CEO Nayatel stated that; the internet is a necessity in the modern era like water for any living being. Consumer expectations from FBB service providers are quality of services and 24×7 support. ISPs should focus on the need of innovation, collaboration and healthy competition rather than competition on lower prices only. We are going through tough times due to the economic conditions of Pakistan with better solutions, less reliance on government funds to connect people across Pakistan. He also appreciated Huawei’s stable and security network solution to support them to provide the best service in Pakistan.

Mr. Nabeel Saqib, COO Transworld Enterprise Services stated that Hyper connected future of technology powered by ACID (AI, Cloud, IoT, Data) is inevitable. He appreciated Huawei to bring latest and safety technology and Fiber based ultra-broadband transmission is required to carry the hyper connected data and services. Industry should focus on fiberization to meet the needs of for eseeable future. He also emphasized on government readiness, national broadband plan, regulatory protection and players ready to invest, to make the technology affordable for everyone.

This event provided customers with the opportunity to collaborate not only for existing networks but also expand into new domains and bring value to the digital economy by introducing new platforms. During the event Huawei launched new solutions like “Intelligent OptiX Campus Solutions, Storage Optical Connection Coordination and Fiber to everywhere”.

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