A way toward blue economy by the boaters : Captain Asim Iqbal

Pakistan Boat Rally, the small group of boating community present themselves to uncover the coast of 1000 KM from sir creek to Jiwani and inform the world about Pakistan.

Pakistan Navy is the Sole Administration at the very first moment supported association, Rear Admiral Jawwad Ahmed, then Commander of West Pakistan Navy and presently Chairman of PNSC honoured as Patron in Chief of the Pakistan Boat Rally Association.

Ahmed Mamoor Amimi, the man behind the whole concept, in 2021 started a casual project to organise a boat rally in Pakistan from Karachi-Gwadar, titled the world’s longest boat rally, confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Season 2 of the boat rally has already passed, and now season -3 is ahead, which is planned for Karachi-muscat.

What is achieved? It is not about simply the journey of boats; it is about the face of Pakistan, the coastal belt and tourism in a different direction and this time, not NORTHERN AREAS, this time SOUTHERN AREAS OF the COAST LINE.

Connecting Dots was the slogan which means connecting all individuals working individually together under the umbrella of the Pakistan Boat Rally Association.

They are planned for numerous marinas along the coast, Tourism, mangroves plantation, wind and water surfing, supporting water sports and athletes to present them to the Olympics.

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