Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a one day Mohsin e Insaniyat Conference

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a one day Mohsin e Insaniyat Conference on Saturday. The conference was chaired by Ahmed Javed and Allama Raz Jahfari where other speakers were Allama Abbas Khamali, famous anchorperson Aneeq Ahmed, Mufti Muhammad Zubair, and Mufti Muhammad Imran where Saddique Ismahil, Asad ayub and Faisal Naqashbandi recited the Nahat.

President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmed Shah said that we are dedicating this conference to Religious Harmony, Respect to Humanity and women rights because that was one of the great and revolutionary messages of Islam and Arts Council will continue to organize this kind of events in the future.

While addressing to conference Ahmed Javed said that we are going far away from the Aswa e Hasna of Prophet PUBH.

Our youth is unawar about Aswa e Hasna, Hazrat Muhammad PUBH was a great blessing of Almighty Allah to humanity. We left and gone far away from the preaching of Almighty Allah that is the reason we have no respect in modern society. Allama Razi Jahfari that quran recital the prophet and on the earth people recite his name every second of the day and every day of the week. Allah said that the saying of Prophet Muhammad PUBH and his actions are the saying and actions of the God. He said that If God doesn’t want the light of Prophet the world would have no light at all. His preachings and actions are long-lasting. Allama Abbas Kamali raised the question that we are proudly saying that we are Muslim but do we follow the Aswa e Hasna of the Prophet PUBH.

We should think before criticizing and mentioning other and we should have a look at our own self. He said that we are talking about the state of Madian but what was the state of Madina and what was the base of state of Madina. It was Aswa e Hasna. A faithful and trustworthy person is one who cannot change what he says and what he does. After his 13 years in Makkah, he asked people that compare my saying and activities and then let me know if I am not true? Aneeq Ahmed said that we are talking about the current situation and the Aswa Hasna, what was Sswa e Hasna, that was Quran and Prophet was a reflection of the Quran. One those people can succeed here and hereafter who will follow the preachings of Prophet Muhammad PUBH.

He said that after the migration the first thing Prophet PUBH does that he build a mosque and it was the place where they will discuss and found all the solutions to the issue. Today we have 2.5 lake mosques in Pakistan and what is their role in the society and nation building? Mufti Muhammad Zubair said the message of several e Tuyba is for all and for every field of life. Quran calls people for 240 times that mean Quran is addressing all people not only Muslims. Prophet PUBH kissed the hand of a laborer because he was earing in the right way. He focused more on the daughters, wives and the neighbors. He said that the main issue of our is behavior. Mufti Muhammad Imran said that Quran demanded the logic from those who were opposing Quran and Quran asked it those also who were claiming the love with Allah. The true following of Prophet PUBH is what he said and what he did should be followed without any external or internal benefit.

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