Grow trees to fight adverse effects of climate change: Usama Qureshi

A meeting ofHamdard Naunehal Assembly Karachi chapter was held yesterday on the theme: “Holy Ramazan and summer vacations”, comprised recitation of holy verses, na’at, speeches and dua-i-Said at a local hotel. Addressing the gathering of children, the Chief Guest, Managing Director and CEO, Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan, Usama Qureshi said that Pakistan faced serious threats of climate change and environmental pollution as Pakistan was among most vulnerable countries. Tremendous rise of heat waves in Karachi was because of climate change and senseless cutting down of trees in the city, he added.

He told the children that taking advantage out of the summer vacations they should plant trees during these vacations, because trees were natural remedy of heat waves and pollution as they not only cleaned the environment, but also reduced the intensity of hot weather. Adult should also do the same, he added.

‘You are lucky that you get Ramazan in summer vacation and can enjoy the blessings of this holy month; you are also lucky that you are a part of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly, a forum, created by Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said for the mental training of children and to create self-confidence, which is the master key of success in life, among them’, he told the children.

He advised the children to respect the elders and teachers invariably as Ba adab ba naseeb, beadab be naseeb (A person of good manners is favored by fortune and an insolent is ill-fated). The behavior of good manners was a cornerstone of one’s development and prosperity and one faced complications and difficulties in life when this golden rule was not followed, he asserted.

‘Health plays very important role in man’s life and health is acquired and maintained through physical activities and daily exercise. Play outdoor games — cricket, football or hockey whichever you like and do exercise daily as these are the ways that can keep you healthy and smart and please remember that healthy body has healthy mind’, Mr. Qureshi told the children.

Commending the speeches of young speakers, Usama Qureshi told them that they should make a point of their speeches.

Earlier, Hakim Mohammed Usman, Dy. Director, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan while presenting welcome address said that Mr. Usama Qureshi was a well-educated person who has master’s degree in Business Administration and 18 years practical experience in business management, finance, operations, strategic planning and marketing; he has the capacity and capability to turnaround an institution as he was doing at the moment by re-branding of Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan.

Young speakers Hamna Shakil, Sajid Ali, Aizah Shakil, Mohammed Umer, Raham Umer, NamrahAijaz, Quruttul Ain, Mohammed Ismail Malik and Alishba Faisal also spoke.

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