WALEE Technologies Tees Off for Breast Cancer Awareness

Walee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (WALEE), one of Pakistan’s leading technology companies dedicated to innovation and community commitment, hosted “WALEE’s Pinktober Awareness Session” to raise awareness about breast cancer. This exclusive event aimed to promote awareness and encourage breast cancer screening, a disease that affects the lives of countless women in our society.

Annually, nearly 90,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and this number continues to rise by 5% each year. Early detection is critical for effective treatment, and that was the message conveyed through this initiative.

WALEE team members, including female staff, participated in the session along with others attendees. It was an opportunity for everyone to come together in support of breast cancer awareness.

A session on breast cancer awareness and self-examination was led by Dr. Nida Farrukh – Member Breast Cancer Association, Consultant Breast Surgeon – CMH Rawalpindi. Dr. Nida’s expertise added immense value to the event.

Shireen Gheba, a breast cancer survivor, shared her inspiring journey and her remarkable battle against breast cancer. She said, “The emphasis on the need for greater awareness about the role of caregivers when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer is important. While much attention is given to the patient, treatment, hospital, and doctors, caregivers often go unmentioned, and it’s essential to recognize their vital role and how they should navigate this challenging journey.”

Her story served as a beacon of hope, resilience, and the importance of early detection and treatment.

“WALEE’s Pinktober Awareness Session is more than an event; it is a declaration of our commitment to the well-being of women in our community. By joining forces with remarkable female players, employees, and an inspiring survivor, we aimed to amplify the message that early screening saves lives. Together, we can make a difference,” said Ahsan Tahir, CEO – WALEE Technologies.

As a powerful symbol of unity and solidarity, all female participants took part in a Pink Walk for breast cancer awareness. This heartfelt gesture underscored the importance of standing together in the fight against breast cancer.


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