KPT organised a free medical camp at Salehabad Island.

The 24th Free Medical Camp, organised by KPT Hospital and held at Salehabad Island today, 29th March, marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to promote public health and well-being within the community. The event, which officially commenced at noon and concluded at 5:00 PM, catered to the medical needs of the island’s inhabitants. A total of 402 patients, comprising 102 males, 132 females, and 168 children, received examinations and medications.

The medical team addressed prevalent health concerns within the community, with 80% of patients seeking assistance for skin-related issues, 10% for respiratory conditions, and another 10% for gastrointestinal ailments and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Additionally, 25 laboratory tests were conducted to provide comprehensive diagnostic support to needy patients.

The event received vital support from the Public Safety Force (PSF), which ensured security throughout. The Public Relations Officer (PRO) department facilitated media coverage, underscoring the initiative’s significance in the local and press.

The flawless execution of the 24th Free Medical Camp reflects the dedication and hard work of all volunteers, medical professionals, and supporting departments involved.

Karachi Port Trust expressed gratitude to all involved, highlighting their commitment to ensuring accessible healthcare for all community members.


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