Unfair concessions to FATA PATA is not acceptable, Sheikh Umer Rehan

Former President KATI and Former Vice Chairman of Pakistan Vegetable Manufacturers Association (PVMA) Sheikh Umer Rehan said that unfair concessions to big investors of FATA PATA affiliated to Ghee Industries are one-sided concessions to big investors of FATA PATA given in the name of providing relief to the people which should be taken back immediately.

He demanded the removal of unnecessary and unfair concessions and revision of duty structure and marked the given concessions as unacceptable to the rest of the industry. He said that the government should immediately withdraw the inappropriate benefits given to ghee industries in FATA PATA.

Former President KATI Sheikh Umer Rehan said that the FATA PATA industry was already exempted from sales tax and income tax. It was unfair to provide more facilities to the rest of the country’s ghee-related industries. He said that exempting FATA PATA from federal excise duty is tantamount to making Pakistan’s ghee industries a ruin.

Former Vice-Chairman PVMA said that despite all tax exemptions for FATA PATA’s ghee industry, the people of the tribal areas would not be able to get any relief as imported edible oil will be sold in Pakistani regions. Will go, and the price will be collected from the consumers while this decision is expected to cause a loss of about Rs 160 billion to the government in importing edible oil.

He said that the Prime Minister should implement a uniform tax system to reduce the tax gap between FATA PATA and Pakistan’s ghee industries. Giving tax exemptions to FATA PATA Ghee Industries threatens to shut down local industries and put millions of workers out of work.

Sheikh Umer Rehan called upon Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen and Prime Minister Special Advisor on Trade Razzaq Dawood to take immediate notice and resolve the issue of the ghee industry, as it is severe unrest in the country’s edible oil and ghee manufacturer. To provide relief to FATA PATA could lead to a stalemate in new investments in Pakistan’s ghee industries.

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