URBANSOLE partners with JANA Shoes to manufacture and distribute in Pakistan

Urban Sole, a Leading shoe brand in Pakistan, has signed MoU with Jana shoes Gmb H&Co. KG Member of the Wortmann group Germany, a sole manufacturer and distributor in Pakistan. The agreement will give exclusive rights to Urbansole to officially manufacture and distribute Jana shoes across Pakistan. 

The contract was signed between the senior management from both sides in a ceremony held in a local hotel in Lahore.

For more than two decades, Urbansole has been leading the footwear industry with its unmatched quality and commitment to providing the most comfortable shoe brand in Pakistan. Urbansole has earned the reputation of the leading stylish shoe brand of Pakistan with extreme comfort. It is the most popular brand of youth because it offers contemporary designs.     

The CEO of Urban sole Jawad Musaddiq, while signing the contract, said, “we are keen to excel our services in the field of footwear by focusing on comfort and making day-to-day life easier for consumers. We believe that no hurdle should come in the way of achievers, and they must possess the best footwear to walk their path of life.”

JANA shoes Managing Director Michael Romberg has also endorsed the statements and added, “both the companies want a better experience for their consumers providing them a hassle-free and technologically advanced experience.” Describing the quality of Jana shoes, he told the media that these shoes are made up of recycled PET bottles, which is the new and eco-friendly dimension in footwear manufacturing that results in feet comfort and a healthy environment.

This agreement will be a game-changing partnership that will pave the path for new standards in the footwear industry. Urbansole will become the only shoemaker which uses recycled material to produce high-quality shoes. It’ll trigger healthy competition among local manufacture to utilize environment-friendly raw materials for shoe production.

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