TCF ADP Certificate Ceremony

A certificate distribution ceremony, conducted by the TCF Ambassadors at IBA, was held on 25th August, 2017. The session primarily intended to appreciate the efforts of, and express gratitude to the volunteers, students and IBA admin who participated in TCF Alumni Development Programme (ADP). The session started off with Mr. Riaz Kamlani, the Vice President of TCF, informing the audience on the history of TCF as it evolved from teaching primary school kids to successfully expanding to include the Alumni Development Programme (ADP), which now prepares students for admission in top tier Pakistani universities.

He commended both the underprivileged students enrolled in the Programme and the student volunteers for the time they had invested in TCF. He then elaborated on the message he wanted to convey to each of the student bodies. To the TCF ADP students, he impressed upon the importance of hard work, while to the volunteers, he brought to their attention the multifaceted benefits of being a part of this Programme, how it led them to not only experience the valued joy of giving, but also, allowed them to gain professional skills in management related activities. Riaz Kamlani also thanked the executive administration of IBA, including Dr. Nasir Touheed, TCF Ambassador at IBA and his team, for their continued and unwavering support behind the Alumni Development Programme, since its initiation at IBA. Being both an IBA alumni and the Vice Chancellor of TCF, he emphasized on how each held a special place for him, ‘IBA dreams big, and TCF also dreams big,’ he said, with a proud smile on his face.

Following this address, Osama Sajid and Muskan Amjad, both former students of TCF ADP now enrolled in IBA and GIKI respectively, Saad Ahmed, a volunteer who taught Level 1 and Tehreem Jahan, a member of the management team, were called on stage to talk about their struggles and experiences. This helped the audience to gain perspective of TCF ADP as a whole; from the student’s sides, Osama talked about his work ethic at TCF classes before taking the entrance exam at GIKI, while Muskan expressed gratitude to the volunteers who had helped her reach where she is now, a student at IBA. And from the volunteers’ and administration’s side, Saad chimed in with his thanks for having been given an opportunity like this, and Tehreem spoke about her responsibilities while at TCF.

The certificates were then distributed to all those who had volunteered in their various capacities and to a few TCF students who had earned a top place in their level 2 ADP education. Each set of certificate distribution was punctuated with thunderous applause from the audience as row after row of volunteers received their hard earned certificates.

In the ceremony Dr. Nasir Touheed also received a special token of appreciation in the form of an award for being the driving force for the TCF program and for the unparalleled efforts put in by him. The IBA administration was also awarded a similar award for facilitating and furthering the cause of the ADP.

The event concluded with a final statement from the Dean of IBA, Dr. Farukh Iqbal. In his statement he recalled how initially, while taking over his role in the administration, when he was briefed over this Programme he did not fully realize the scope and influence of TCF ADP. However, with increasing interaction with the representatives, volunteers and students, and especially after this ceremony he was very pleased to discover how vast and increasingly influential this program is, and how it is transforming the lives of underprivileged and privileged students. He ended his note by congratulating all participants of ADP and finished by saying, ‘I will keep supporting this effort from my side.’

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