SwissMail International AG and arXanum GmbH enter into a strategic partnership.

SwissMail International, a leader in the independent provisioning of tailor-made distribution and customs clearance solutions for distance selling, and arXanum, a global provider of scalable market access solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership that comes into effect today. This partnership aims to provide comprehensive and effective distribution solutions for the world’s largest single market (the European Union), Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

This unique service offering will provide companies with a combined service that covers distribution, and customs clearance including the administrative burden of fiscal representation. The new partnership thus brings considerable advantages and simplifications for companies that want to open up new markets and distribute their products internationally in an efficient and legally compliant manner and covers all phases of distribution endeavours, from planning and implementation to operational support. With this overall offering, SwissMail International AG and arXanum are positioning themselves as leading providers in this field.


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