Special Chair on Prophet Mubammad (PBUH) to be set up at 3 universities under HEC: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday said the government would set up Special Chair on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) at the country’s three universities under High Education Commission (HEC) to study the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), that converted Madina state into a super power in 11 years. “After the success of Jang-e-Badr with 313 Muslims in 625 AD, the Islamic state defeated the Roman and Persian Empires, respectively, in 636 AD and 638 AD. There is a need to study how the State of Madina converted into a super power in 11 years,” he said while addressing the opening session of a two-day International Rehmatul-lil-Alamin Conference here at the Convention Center.

The conference titled “Finality of the Prophethood and Responsibilities of Muslims in the light of teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)” was attended by a number of Ulema and scholars from home and abroad as well as members of the cabinet, parliamentarians, diplomats and students. The prime minister spoke at length about the way of life and strong character of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and said Almighty Allah, Who is “Rabbul Alamin”, Himself described Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as “Rehmatul-lil-Alamin”. He said there was a need to study the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as to how he made the poor Arabs to rule world and reach India and Central Asia from Morocco in just 30 years.

“What He (Prophet Muhammad – PBUH) had? How He turned the common people into great ones and transformed their character. History has no example of a person [except Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)] who created a state which lasted for 700 years,” he maintained. He regretted that after every few years there was a condemnable trend of blasphemous acts in the West under the garb of freedom of expression which causes strong protests in the Muslim world including Pakistan. The prime minister recalled that after such an incident in Holland, his government took up the issue with the Holland authorities, and succeeded in the cancellation of a blasphemous cartoon competition.

Later, Pakistan also raised this issue at the OIC and the UN levels, which led to a declaration by the EU Court of Human Rights forbidding religious defamation in the name of expression of freedom, he added.

He told the participants that the government intended to propose an International Convention on Defamation of Religion to protect the sentiments of 1.25 billion Muslims across the world. He said Ahmer Bilal Sufi, an expert on international law would be made PM’s Special Envoy to visit various countries and seek their support for this proposed convention, adding, that Pakistan would spearhead this convention so that there was an international law to deal this sensitive issue. (PID).

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