Research distribution & trading partnership

Intermarket Securities Ltd (IMS) announces that from 25 th June, 2018, it will begin a partnership with Exotix Capital for research distribution and trading. Mr Noor Hameed, CEO, notes: “We are delighted to work with Exotix and expand our joint reach to new institutional clients.

” He adds: “This will enable IMS to inform a broader client base about Pakistan, through our research products and in-house sales and execution. We look forward to having a long and successful partnership with Exotix.”

Mr Raza Jafri, Executive Director, Research & Business Development, says: “The wide footprint Exotix holds in emerging markets will allow IMS to convey the Pakistan story more effectively to global investors. We are excited about better leveraging our research capabilities and strong corporate access reach.” Mr Duncan Wales, CEO of Exotix Capital, says: “We are delighted to add further depth to our global research, trading and investment bank capabilities through our partnership with IMS,” adding, “Pakistan is a growing focal point for Exotix, and we are keen to share in an ever-bigger role as the economy develops.” Mr Paul Domjan, Head of Research, Analytics and Data at Exotix Capital, adds: “We look forward to integrating our Pakistan research with IMS to jointly strengthen coverage of this important market. Our partnership will deepen Exotix’s local coverage and help IMS to reach a broader audience globally for its high-quality equity research and unparalleled analyst team.”

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