PSO’s managerial excellence at JIMCO terminal commended by Vice President, Total Parco

Vice President Operations, Total Parco, Mr. Rene Pierre Raffalli and other high officials, recently visited the JIMCO Oil terminal in Mehmoodkot, Punjab to review the terminal operation. JIMCO Oil Terminal is a joint venture of Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Shell Pakistan and Total Parco (former Caltex Pakistan) is being managed by PSO. He was briefed regarding the installation, product storage capacity, modes of receipts and upcoming storage enhancement projects and HSE practices in operations. They also visited the operational areas and the new 26 point filling gantry at the terminal.

Mr. Rene Pierre praised PSO team over its professional management of the terminal at par with world’s best practices and operating procedures. He expressed his appreciation for the command and control system which facilitates safe and professional handling of the product on large level. He also praised PSO’s effective and cordial working relationship with JIMCO partners.

Writing his thoughts in the visitors’ book, Mr. Rene Pierre stated: “I am delighted to be here at this state of the art facility being superbly managed by team PSO. I was told that the facility is crucial to maintain an uninterrupted supply of fuel across Punjab which further necessitates that it functions without a hitch. I congratulate PSO for effectively managing the facility which is vital to meet the country’s fuel needs, as well as for the smooth operation of the partnering OMCs.”

JIMCO Oil Terminal was commissioned in 1981.As is spread over an area of 53 Acres. The terminal has total product storage capacity of 25578 KL of HSD/SKO. For the last few years, PMG is also being handled from the terminal to facilitate PSO’s retail customers and depots. The usual transaction mode from JIMCO is Rail/Road and pipe line. Along with a daily average throughput of 15000 KL handled safely. This Terminal has maintained a leading position in health safely and environment.

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