KCCI appreciates Naya Pakistan Housing Program, Clean & Green Pakistan campaign

President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Junaid Esmail Makda, while referring to ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Program’ and ‘Clean & Green Pakistan Campaign’ announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan, stated that the business and industrial community of Karachi warmly welcomes both these initiatives and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the government to make these programs successful which are in the larger interest of the country.

In a statement issued, Junaid Makda said, “The construction of 5 million housing units in the next five years is going to be an uphill task but it was likely to be attained keeping in view the virtuous intent of the government which would not only go in favor of common man by providing low-cost houses but would also support the economy by triggering massive activities in the construction sector and 40 other allied industries, besides creating millions of jobs for the skilled and semi-skilled workforce.”

“However, the government needs to enhance the capacity of the construction sector by attracting new local and foreign investors who would only take interest in the construction sector and all its allied industries when the government takes steps to provide conducive environment by bringing down the cost of doing business, simplifying cumbersome procedures, resolving the issue of high-rise buildings, reducing various taxes and prices of essential raw materials”, he added and requested the government to construct a fair share of these houses in Sindh and areas around Karachi.

Commenting on Clean and Green Pakistan Campaign, he said that KCCI appreciates and fully support this particular initiative in which Karachi, being the largest and most populated city, should get special attention as per Imran Khan’s commitment made to KCCI on July 22 prior to the General Election. “With a huge population of 22.5 million and spread on an area of more than 3500 sq. kilometers, Karachi not only faces grave cleanliness issues but also the encroachment issue which gives a negative and dirtier impression about the city.”

“Almost all localities across the city, particularly the Old City Area and even KCCI’s building is besieged with massive number of encroachments, creating severe traffic jams all the time and intensifying the hardships particularly during movement of dignitaries who frequently visit the Chamber”, he added.

Junaid Makda was of the view that in order to make the Clean and Green Pakistan successful and result-oriented, the government will have to prioritize strictest action against encroachment which would automatically resolve many other cleanliness related issues which have remained unattended since past many years. “Strategies to bring down CNG rates have to be devised with a view to encourage maximum number of people to use CNG as fuel for their vehicles as it is very environment friendly against the use of petrol and diesel”, he added

President KCCI also requested all members of the Business and Industrial Community to come forward and play their due role to make the Clean & Green Pakistan Campaign successful by carrying out aggressive plantation within and outside their industrial units and ensuring safe disposal of industrial waste and garbage from their factories to designated sites, besides carrying out cleanliness drive on a smaller scale outside their factory premises as well under their Corporate Social Responsibility program. “The need of the hour is that every citizen should realize their civic responsibilities and come out on streets to participate in this campaign which was really essential for our future generations. Pakistan is a beautiful country and it heartening to see that the country has now started receiving due attention because of present government’s resolve to create Naya Pakistan”, he added.

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