Progressive Panel enters FPCCI elections amid reportedly rift among ruling businessmen panel.

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) ruling Businessmen panel is reportedly experiencing a significant internal divide even before the elections. The split into factions has dealt a major blow to the BMP. The Businessmen Panel has witnessed significant internal discord in recent months, particularly among Sindh leaders. A faction within the panel actively seeks to remove BMP Chairman Anjum Nisar from his position. Exploiting Anjum Nisar’s engagements, this group has made arbitrary decisions without Core Committee approval, bypassing the established process.

Efforts by BMP Secretary General Haji Ghulam Ali to reconcile the differences within the group have proven unsuccessful. The factionalism within BMP has raised deep concerns among Anjum Nisar’s supporters, fearing adverse effects on the group due to internal conflicts.

“The leading members of BMP have announced the formation of a new group, the Businessmen Progressive Panel, demonstrating their commitment to actively participate in the FPCCI elections, setting aside internal differences. The majority of members are reported to share like-minded views. Notable BMP leaders involved in organizing the group include Khurram Ejaz, Shabbir Mansha Churra, Saquib Fayyaz Magoon, Adeel Siddiqui, and Haji Yasir.”

The Businessmen Progressive Panel was officially announced during the last members’ meeting. Members unanimously agreed to entrust leadership to the youth, emphasizing the need for young leadership instead of retirees within the panel.

The meeting was attended by 36 voters for the upcoming FPCCI elections, along with many supporters. They vowed that they would not allow Tariq Saeed’s panel to be hijacked. They expressed their commitment to liberating BMP from individuals with capitalist and dictatorial mindsets, even if it requires their utmost efforts.

The meeting unanimously appointed former FPCCI Vice President Khurram Ijaz and Adeel Siddiqui as coordinators, empowering them to make comprehensive preparations for active participation in the upcoming FPCCI election.

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