Pakistan Dairy Association celebrates World Milk Day.

The Pakistan Dairy Association (PDA) proudly celebrated World Milk Day by hosting a milk awareness seminar and organising awareness sessions about milk, followed by distributing 15,000 milk packs to students in Lahore and its surrounding areas. The seminar took place on June 1, 2023, at the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) and was hosted by Dr Shehzad Amin, Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistan Dairy Association, in the presence of relevant government officials, dignitaries, and stakeholders.

The ceremony featured prominent speakers, including Prof. Dr Javed Akram, Caretaker Health Minister of Punjab, Prof. Dr Bushra Mirza, Vice Chancellor, LCWU, and Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, Vice Chancellor, University of Education (UOE). The event also included insightful presentations on various topics. Mr Rao M. Imran, Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Fauji Foods Limited, presented on “Safe Dairy Nutrition Makes a Strong Nation,” followed by Dr Zubair Ahmed, Manager Operations at Pakistan Dairy Association, who spoke about “Factors Affecting Milk Quality and Safety from Farm to Fork.” Dr Muhammad Junaid, Project Director of the Milk Value Chain at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, delivered a presentation on “Dairy as a Wholesome Food”. Dr Uzma Ashiq Khan, Head of Gender and Development Studies, also participated in the event and appreciated the role of the Pakistan Dairy Association in promoting the importance of safe milk consumption, especially to female consumers.

Milk also plays a crucial role in women’s health, providing essential nutrients for maintaining critical well-being. DDrTalat Naseer Pasha, Vice Chancellor UOE, emphasised that prioritising women’s health involved embracing milk as a nutrient-rich beverage. With its calcium for strong bones, protein for muscle maintenance, and vitamin D for immune support, milk reduces the risk of osteoporosis and enhances overall well-being.

Dr Shehzad Amin, during his address at the seminar, stated, “On World Milk Day, we highlight the significance of milk and dairy products. A glass of milk nourishes everyone, including children, while fostering strong bones, muscles, and overall health.”

He emphasised, “Safe, hygienic packaged milk is crucial for children’s well-being. Inaccessible safe milk causes malnutrition, illness, and fatalities.” He further stressed the importance of collective action by saying, “Global cooperation is essential in securing safe and nutritious packaged milk for children, demanding investments in dairy farming practices that prioritise hygiene and minimise contamination risks in storage and transportation.” He concluded the ceremony while expressing gratitude to all participants and emphasising the significance of the day.

The distribution of 15,000 milk packs to students at various educational institutions aimed to provide immediate access to safe and nutritious milk, promoting the well-being of children and fostering a culture of healthy nutrition.

The Pakistan Dairy Association and its partners seek to build a healthier and more prosperous future for Pakistani children and communities by celebrating World Milk Day and advocating for safe milk and dairy consumption. Access to safe and nutritious milk benefits individual children and strengthens the nation as a whole, fostering a more productive and resilient society.


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