PPHI Sindh & Childlife sign MoU to implement telemedicine services

PPHI Sindh & ChildLife Foundation have signed an MoU, to extend ChildLife’s telemedicine network to selected hospitals under PPHI’s control. This is another step towards the vision of “Every child within 30 minutes of quality, 24×7, emergency services across Sindh”. The MoU was signed by Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, CEO PPHI Sindh, and Dr. Ahson Rabbani, CEO ChildLife Foundation, on behalf of their organizations.

“We are honored to partner with PPHI Sindh to improve the child healthcare services across Sindh. ChildLife introduced the telemedicine model of emergency care to reach out to the children in remote areas of Sindh. It bridges the gaps of access and improves quality as senior child specialists provide teleconsultation 24×7. Alhamdullilah, to-date ChildLife has implemented its telemedicine model across 87 district and tehsil hospitals of Sindh with the support of Sindh Government. Our aim is to spread the model across all secondary care public hospitals of Pakistan,” said Dr. Ahson Rabbani, CEO ChildLife Foundation.

As per the MoU, ChildLife will replicate its Telemedicine model at select public sector hospitals managed by PPHI Sindh, which includes installation of a high-resolution camera and an IP phone that will be connected to ChildLife’s Telemedicine Control Room. Through this model, ChildLife’s expert pediatricians based at the TM Control Room will assist the on-ground medical staff regarding the treatment of children.

“PPHI Sindh is pleased to join hands with ChildLife Foundation to treat children residing in remote areas of Sindh with the help of adopting ChildLife’s Telemedicine Satellite Center model. PPHI Sindh has deputed trained medical staff at its managed healthcare facilities and this partnership will further enable PPHI to treat patients with the expert advice of ChildLife’s pediatricians through Telemedicine,” said Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, CEO PPHI Sindh.

PPHI Sindh is a non-profit organization, set up with the objective of revitalizing health services in rural areas of Sindh in partnership with the government. PPHI is focused on provision of primary healthcare services including mother and child health hence it has set up and manages 1330 health facilities in 25 districts of Sindh. These healthcare facilities have modern medical equipment, trained female doctors and midwives who are readily available 24×7 for the treatment of patients. PPHI also provides free medicine and lab tests to the patients.

ChildLife provides life-saving treatment to more than 1.5 million children annually – 247×7 and free of cost. It manages Children Emergency Rooms (ERs) & Telemedicine Satellite Centers in 130+ public sector hospitals across Pakistan, in partnership with the government. The organization is working to make free quality emergency care accessible to children across the country. ChildLife is a PCP & ISO Certified organization and is audited by A. F. Ferguson & Co.

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