Aga Khan University and the Government of Sindh conduct training of Doctors.

Aga Khan University, today, completed a 2-day training session of over 90 doctors from across 30 districts of Sindh, on life saving interventions, including CPR and Bleeding Control. The training was conducted under the ambit of the Pakistan Life Savers Programme (PLSP) hosted in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Government of Sindh, who identified and nominated the participating doctors for the programme.

The training, conducted by the PLSP Secretariat based at AKU’s Centre of Excellence for Trauma and Emergencies (CETE) was designed to equip the participants with essential skills that will help them to effectively train community members in life-saving skills.  The participating doctors will now be tasked with disseminating the information further and implementing the programme, particularly in educational institutions, across the province of Sindh. 

Established in 2020, the Pakistan Life Savers Programme is a collaboration between leading healthcare organizations and the Government of Sindh, with a vision to empower the youth with life-saving skills. The collaborative effort aims to train 10 million citizens over its course of efforts.

To mark the completion of the 2-day training session, AKU hosted a private ceremony with the participating doctors and dignitaries from the Government of Sindh. Those attending included the Honorable Minister of Health, Dr.Azra Pechuho, Parliamentary Secretary of Health, Mr. Qasim Siraj Soomro, and Director General of Health Services, Dr. Jumman Bahoto.

The chief guest of the event, the Honourable Minister of Health, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho stated “Through an MOU with the AKU’s Pakistan Life Savers Programme and with help from PLSP’s Master Trainers, we will prepare a force of trainers from the Health Department, Government of Sindh. These trainers will then go on and train the people of Sindh in life-saving skills, district-wise.” Assuring full support for the programme, the Minister continued, “We will also be proposing budgetary allocation for the dispensing of life-saving skills in our upcoming budget and will try our best to enforce bystander protection laws”.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Junaid Razzak, Director of AKU-CETE told the group that “thousands of lives can be saved every year in Pakistan by immediate lifesaving interventions by lay rescuers and bystanders. Pakistan Life Savers Programme is an effort by many partners across Pakistan to empower these lay rescuers” 

Dr Adil Haider, Dean of Medical College, Aga Khan University, while speaking of the importance of this initiative, said “In a health landscape like ours where the healthcare system is already strained with limited capacity, training of millions of Pakistanis and creating an army of folks skilled in basic life-saving skills can make all the difference and create impact at an exponential rate. PLSP’s bold vision and training initiatives help propel AKU’s mission forward; improving the quality of life of our communities.”

The delegation from the Government of Sindh congratulated Aga Khan University on the session’s successful outcome, after receiving a briefing on the programme and strategies implemented to further the mission of PLSP across the province.


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