Post BREXIT Era to open vistas of new opportunities – FPCCI PAK-UK Business Council”

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Pakistan-UK Business Council – a legal entity working under the administrative control of FPCCI has expressed its hope that post- BREXIT era will open vistas of new opportunities, in trade & investment between Pakistan and UK and further deepen bilateral economic cooperation.

Sheikh Muhammad Tariq, Chairman Pakistan UK Business Council of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) organized second meeting of Business Council at Federation House Karachi via Zoom link. The meeting was attended by Sheikh Sultan Rehman, Vice President FPCCI, Amir Khawaja, Vice President, UK Pakistan Chamber of Commerce &Industry, Directors and Members of the Business Council.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Muhammad Tariq, Chairman Pak-UK Business Council of FPCCI tinted the economic outcomes of UK which is badly hit by the corona virus pandemic and said UK is one of the important trading partners of Pakistan which has played a pivotal role in socio-economic development of Pakistan. He opined that Pakistan has blessed with all kinds of resources including natural, economic and human which need be utilized in a manner to create wealth and employment for the country. He said that the trade between Pakistan and UK will prove to be beneficial for Pakistan and will further enhance trade facilitation and strengthen bilateral ties between UK and Pakistan. He also mentioned that businessmen from different sectors will be invited for the Round Table Conference and anomalies will be discussed along with their solution.

While welcoming the participants at the session, Sheikh Sultan Rehman, Vice President-FPCCI once again congratulated the Chairman on his appointment. He shed light on the significance of bilateral trade between the two countries. He said that Pakistan and UK enjoy friendly and cordial relationship as UK is an important and old trading partner of Pakistan. The relations between the two countries need to be strengthened further by tapping new areas of investment. He assured that FPCCI will extend full cooperation and facilitation to remove the barriers in the augmentation of bilateral economic and trade relations between the two countries. He proposed that Pakistan needs to negotiate new trade pact or agreement which should facilitate trade equalize to GSP Plus and maintains Pakistan’s trade with UK.

The meeting was concluded with chairman’s proposal to plan a high profile delegation to visit UK which was unanimously endorsed by the all the members and directors. Sheikh Sultan Rehman, Vice President also endorsed the proposal with a suggestion that genuine and relevant businessman from different sectors of the economy should be the part of the delegation. Furthermore, he also emphasized on preparing a proper plan of action before the visit of the delegation to UK. The participant also suggested joint ventures investment between two countries and to arrange post BREXIT trade arrangement with UK.



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