Pakistan is well-ahead than India in Martial Arts

In terms of game skills and match-winning capability, Pakistan is well ahead than India in martial arts and the country’s players can lead the world of martial arts if they are provided with an adequate level of sports facilities. This was said by Asad Hanif, a martial arts gold medalist and the Guinness World Record holder from Karachi.

Asad Hanif, who is eyeing to win more glory for the country this year, said martial arts players from Pakistan do not enjoy any support from the government and the majority of the sportspersons in the country find themselves reeling at the mercy of time.

A young martial arts master from Karachi, Asad Hanif is also behind two other Guinness records made in the push-ups segment and has also won a gold medal for Pakistan in the Asian Championship. In October last year, Hanif made a Guinness World Record for most two finger push-ups in one minute carrying a 40lbs weight on his back. Despite his record making performances shown multiple times at the international level, Asad Hanif is still bereft of any sponsorship from the corporate sector and has been struggling all alone in pursuit of more records in martial arts games.

“Though I have been able to finish on the victory podium at international sports events, the lack of support from the country fails me time and again,” said Asad Hanif.

Talking about the absence of government support for world record holders, he said this tends to be the most frustrating phase of a sportsman’s life when his own people do not come forward to acknowledge his efforts.

He added that the martial arts games require more readiness, a fighting spirit and an ideal fitness level to that of other leading games played in the country, but the rampant power politics within the governing body coupled with a declining patronage of the Ministry of Sports adds more ignominy to Pakistan’s sports, particularly the martial arts.

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