National Management Team Visits FPCCI Head Office Karachi

A Group of 14 Participates of 106th National Management-Course of National Management-College Lahore along with three faculty members visited Head office Karachi. President FPCCI Mr. Zubair F. Tufail while welcoming in the team briefed them about activities of FPCCI and its role in developing the economy of Pakistan. He explained the difficulties in meeting the targets, affected by high cost-tariff of power, coupled with international recession, not only in Pakistan, but in Turkey, Japan, and Indonesia.

These countries are also facing problems, resulting in decrease in exports.


Mr. Zubair F. Tufial, further said that due to our full support and cooperation, present Government Collected of Rs 3.6 Billions of tax revenue in year 2016 which is more than the set target and it is expected that during this year government will be able to achieve the target of Rs 3.9 Billions. In recent meeting held with trade Minister and finance Minister of Pakistan we requested them to further enhance export packages and also direct commercial Attaches based abroad in Pakistan embassies to fully cooperate with exporters President added.


The meeting ended with comprehensive presentation by FPCCI. Mr. Naeem Aslam Dean of National Management College Lahore and thanked the President FPCCI for the useful presentation.


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