Murtaza Wahab nominated as Mayor of Karachi, promises non-discriminatory service to the city, Faraz-ur-Rehman

The Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) President, Faraz-ur-Rehman, along with other prominent members Deputy Patron-in-Chief Zubair Chayya, Senior Vice President Nighat Awan, Vice President Muslim Mohemadi, felicitated Murtaza Wahab to be elected as Mayor of Karachi from the People’s Party. The announcement was accompanied by congratulations to Wahab on his election victory and to Salman Murad for securing the position of Deputy Mayor.

Expressing his support for Murtaza Wahab, President KATI, Faraz-ur-Rehman, emphasized that Wahab, being a true son of Karachi, is capable of representing all sections of the city. Rehman expressed confidence that Wahab would actively contribute to the development and resolution of long-standing issues in Karachi.

Recognizing the high expectations placed upon the newly elected Mayor, Rehman extended gratitude to the leadership of the People’s Party for nominating Wahab for the position. He urged Wahab to prioritize the improvement of Karachi’s infrastructure upon taking office, as the city is considered one of the largest in the world but lags in terms of development.

President KATI appealed to the newly elected mayor to ensure the fair allocation of funds to all Union Council chairmen and district administrations without discrimination. By doing so, Rehman believes the city can be better served and its problems addressed promptly. He also called for unity among political party representatives and emphasized the importance of serving the city beyond politics.

Highlighting Murtaza Wahab’s deep understanding of Karachi’s significance and its challenges, President Farazur Rehman expressed hope that Wahab would take concrete steps to transform Karachi into one of the world’s best cities. He assured that KATI would continue to collaborate with the Mayor’s office in their mutual efforts toward the development of Karachi.

As Murtaza Wahab prepares to assume the role of Mayor, the city awaits the implementation of his promises and the positive changes he is expected to bring to Karachi.


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