Thar Foundation is transforming the lives of millions in Thar.

In collaboration with Thar Block II entities, Thar Foundation unveiled the ‘Portraits of Thar 2.0’ campaign at a compelling screening hosted at the Karachi Press Club amongst media delegates. This heartfelt project by the Thar Foundation aims to vividly showcase the inspiring narratives of the Thari people, highlighting their unwavering resilience and championing change within the region.

Thar Foundation, the CSR wing of Thar Block II entities, maintains a dedicated commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework. Its focus spans across interventions on priority areas of SDGs, including the alleviation of poverty, establishment of sustainable livelihoods, improvement of healthcare and education accessibility, and the promotion of gender equality.

Under SDG 4 for quality education, Thar Foundation has established a network of 23 school units within Thar. Over 5,000 students are enrolled in these school units, of which approximately 56% are female teachers, empowering the educational journey within areas of Mithi, Islamkot and adjoining villages.

“In the vibrant heart of Thar, an unspoken revolution is unfolding. The Thar Foundation is enabling the uplifting of the landscape and fostering widespread community enhancement. It’s the unwavering spirit of our community that is truly transforming Thar, where the youth have access to equitable socio-economic opportunities through education, vocational training, and employment —these individuals are the unsung heroes shaping the present and future of the community and the country,” said Amir Iqbal, CEO of SECMC and TF.

The ‘Portraits of Thar 2.0’ campaign illuminates the extraordinary stories of four exceptional leaders – Hothi Ram, Guddi, Nehal Chand, and Jahawar Lal. These individuals stand as beacons of leadership amidst millions in Thar, each crafting their indigenous tales of resilience and perseverance. Their journeys are not just personal triumphs; they symbolize the indomitable human spirit.

Hothi Ram’s evolution from a laborer to Warehouse Supervisor in Village New Senhri Dars signifies unwavering determination. Nehal Chand’s tireless efforts as a community mobilizer have sparked positive change, empowering his village. Guddi’s unwavering resilience following a severe spinal injury epitomizes unparalleled strength, and Jahawar Lal’s dedication as a teacher-turned-principal in village Kharo Jani is a testament to transformative education. These heroes, alongside countless others, exemplify the essence of leadership and serve as inspiring role models, illuminating the path for progress in Thar.




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