LRBT hosted event on World Sight Day

The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust hosted an event for content creators and social media influencers for their World Sight Day Campaign. The intent of the event was double pronged to bring attention to their World Sight Day campaign and also to celebrate their most recent feat of treating their 50th Millionth Patient.

A large group of content creators got together at the LRBT head office and went to their Korangi Facility. ‘We are Pakistan’s largest non- profit working for the most marginalized members of society absolutely free of cost. Through this event we aim to disseminate information about the work we do and our scope of work,’ said Shabana Shahzad, Head of fund raising at LRBT. The event also highlighted LRBT’s flood relief efforts and an appeal was made for donations to continue to come through for the same.

The content creators were then taken all over the facility and shown the different facets of eye care LRBT provides. They interacted with doctors and patients. ‘I have been suffering from Gluaocoma myself and have been through 7 surgeries since childhood, I know how much eye care costs and the fact that LRBT is doing free of cost is phenomenal, we are grateful that we got an opportunity to come today!’ said Hamza Rizvi, content creator.

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