Khalq Cattle farm setups to sell sacrificial animals in Karachi

A cattle farm is all set to be inaugurated on 24 June, 2018 to give people of Karachi an opportunity to buy quality sacrificial animals under a scientifically controlled, well managed and organized environment that is altogether missing in other makeshift animal markets established in the city every year during the season of Eidul Azha.

The Khalq Cattle Farm is situated well within the reach of people of Karachi as being located in Gadap Town, off M-9 section of Motorway. The Cattle Farm is just half-an-hour drive away from the famous Sohrab Goth area that is also the starting point of M-9 Motorway. 

The farm project is being launched with the slogan:   “Qurbani only with Khalq”.

The basic idea behind formation of the Cattle farm company is to produce and market well-pedigreed animals to consumers in a fully organic and natural environment.

There are a number of features of Khalq Cattle Farm, which makes it well distinguishable among other makeshift cattle markets, which will be established in and around the city during the upcoming season of Eidul Azha. Some of these distinguishing features of the Cattle Farm are: Presence of management, which is well educated in the field of cattle farming; a good portion of the revenue proceeds of the farm will be spent on research and development activities to improve the field of cattle rearing and faming; provision of excellent growing environment for cattle; best organic feed for animals; no use of artificial boosters to artificially enhance immunity and health of the sacrificial animals; availability of best experienced and trained staff to deal with the customers; and provision of excellent medical facilities for the cattle.

“With provision of all these modern facilities and scientific features, we can fully assure our prospective customers that the price range of sacrificial animals at our farm would be fully within their purchasing power. We also assure you that there will not be any element of exploitation, fraud, deception, and fleecing that is otherwise becoming a brazen practice during the season of Eidul Azha,” said co-owner of the farm Asif Shahzad.

“We are bringing in here best quality of sacrificial animals from all the districts of Punjab, which are well-known for livestock farming and rearing as one of the distinguishing quality of our farm is that the animals would be available in all the colours that attract the customers especially the children in the season of Eidul Azha,” he said.

“Once you will visit our farm, you will easily sense that its environment and conditions are fully changed and quite attractive for the customers as compared to other makeshift cattle markets to be established in Karachi,” he concluded.

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