KCCI advised to look into possibility of organizing exhibition in collaboration with ICMA

Chairman Strategic Board, Institute of Cost & Management Accountants (ICMA) Pakistan Zia ul Mustafa Awan has asked the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) to look into the possibility of jointly organizing an exhibition in collaboration with ICMA with a vision to further improve the industry-academia linkages which would certainly prove favourable not only for the businesses and graduating students but also for the economy.

“The proposed exhibition to be organized in collaboration with KCCI can be staged next year either in the month of March or April”, added Zia ul Mustafa Awan, who led an ICMA delegation during its visit to KCCI. President KCCI Muhammad Tariq Yousuf, Senior Vice President KCCI Touseef Ahmed, Vice President KCCI Haris Agar, Executive Director ICMA Aamir Ijaz Khan, Joint Director ICMA Satish Asim, Director ICMA Samreen Noman Ansari and KCCI Managing Committee Members attended the meeting.

Chairman Strategic Board ICMA informed that ICMA has also initiated a Leadership Program wherein prominent members of the business & industrial community were invited to share their success stories with students so that they could also be encouraged to go for starting up a business.

While expressing deep concerns over complex taxation procedures, he underscored the need for introducing simplified taxation system so that maximum number of individuals and businesses could be encouraged to come into the tax net. “We should collectively raise voice for a simplified taxation system otherwise, the criteria would remain cumbersome as consultants and the bureaucracy would certainly never want this to happen”, he added

Earlier, President KCCI Tariq Yousuf, while totally agreeing to ICMA’s assessment about complex taxation system, extended full support and cooperation to ICMA for all its endeavours focused on convincing the policymakers to simplify the taxation system as it would ensure ease of doing business to a certain extent. He also stressed the need for strengthening the existing ties between KCCI and ICMA so that both institutions could make collective efforts for creating an enabling business environment.

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