KATI welcomes Qatar investment

Leaders of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry welcomed the investment and bailout by Qatar and applauded PM Khan on his diplomatic efforts for economic prosperity of the country. In Joint Statement Patron in Chief of KATI, President Danish Khan, Senior Vice President Faraz-ur-Rehman and Vice President said that Qatar is ours brethren country and Pak-Qatar relations are broad based.
SM Muneer congratulated the PM on a successful state visit of HH Amir of Qatar. He said that in hard times of economy, PM Khan played a remarkable role to get cooperation of our time tested friends and promoted economic relations with world.

Danish Khan said that after China, KSA and UAE PM successfully bring Qatar into the fold that Pakistan has a great economic potentials. He also suggested that for long term economic stability government should put efforts to bring investment in industrial sector and it should be the part of our diplomacy. He also urged that as Qatar offered employment opportunities for Pakistani manpower, government should craft a comprehensive strategy to get benefit of this prospect.

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