KATI urges immediate release of COVID incremental package subsidy for Karachi Industries

In a letter addressed to Mr. Mohammad Ali, Caretaker Federal Minister for Energy, Nighat Awan, Acting President, and Muslim Mohamedi, Acting Senior Vice President of the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), emphasized the pressing issue of the delayed disbursement of the COVID Incremental Package Subsidy for Karachi’s industrial sector. The prolonged delay is causing severe financial distress, with the looming threat of widespread business closures in the area.

Despite the allocation of this subsidy to other regions, industries in Karachi find themselves grappling with challenging financial circumstances. KATI’s persistent efforts, including a willingness to negotiate on aspects such as the K-Electric (KE) portion, have yet to yield progress towards the release of these crucial funds.

The continued absence of this subsidy poses an imminent threat to the survival of numerous industries in Karachi. The urgent release of the COVID Incremental Package Subsidy is now imperative to avert the looming risk of industrial shutdowns, which would have far-reaching consequences on the local economy and employment.

Given the critical nature of the situation, KATI urges swift and decisive action from the concerned office to facilitate the release of this subsidy. Such intervention is not only vital for the financial stability of Karachi’s industries but also to prevent a potential economic downturn in the region.


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