You are currently viewing Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi  Celebrates remarkable talents in 3rd year mini thesis display 2024

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi  Celebrates remarkable talents in 3rd year mini thesis display 2024

The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi recently hosted a Mini thesis Display 2024 at the Ahmed Pervez Art Gallery, featuring the outstanding work of 3rd-year students from the Institute of Arts and Crafts. The event, inaugurated by the Caretaker Provincial Minister of Information, Minority Affairs, Social Protection, and President of the Arts Council of Pakistan, showcased the brilliance of textile and communication design.

Aliza Wahab, a standout in Textile Design, along with communication design students Huzaifa Khan, Ikramullah, and Abdullah Ali, were among the talents whose work took centre stage. Notably, two of these students faced speech and hearing challenges, demonstrating resilience and artistic prowess.

Addressing the gathering, the Caretaker Provincial Minister Muhammad Ahmed Shah applauded the Arts Council for fostering an inclusive environment, stating, “I congratulate the students and teachers of the Arts Council for embracing diversity. These students facing challenges are true superheroes, and credit goes to the teachers who support and educate those with disabilities.” Expressing gratitude to the media for championing noble causes, the Minister emphasized the exceptional talent of these students, asserting, “These students will excel and bring glory to both themselves and the Arts Council.”
Responding to a query about the caretaker government, the Minister disclosed that the last session would take place tomorrow, paving the way for the elected government to assume office. Notably, the caretaker government of Sindh received praise for successfully maintaining peace during its tenure.
Shahid Rassam, the Principal of Art School, commended the Arts Council for organizing biannual thesis shows, acknowledging the crucial role of the audience in motivating students. Rassam declared, “Our students’ work is admired nationwide, and Arts Council has become synonymous with recognition for their achievements.”

Highlighting the inclusivity of the Arts Council, Rassam remarked, “We usually refer to children with disabilities as ‘Special,’ but for me, these children are not Special but Golden. Arts Council is a beacon of hope for these Golden Students, and their praised work is a testament to their extraordinary abilities.”
The mini-thesis show will continue until February 20, 2024, from 10 am to 6 pm at Arts Council Karachi.

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