KATI urges immediate action to end goods transporter’s strike in Karachi

Patron in Chief of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) S M Muneer and President of KATI Masood Naqi showed their concern over strike by Goods Transporters of Karachi, which caused heavy losses to the exports and import activity at Karachi Port. “Prime Minister of Pakistan should take notice of the situation to resolve concerns of Goods Transporters” statement urged.

SM Muneer Said that import and export activities are being sabotaged, Karachi port is being used for imports of more than Rs 6 billion daily, due to strike there are piles of containers are stuck on the port. He said that containers of Rice, Textile products, Leather, Fruit, Vegetables, Readymade garments and other goods worth billions are stuck since days and action by authorities are long awaited to continue the transportation process. He said that if the strike wouldn’t be ended immediately, heavy losses to national economy are feared. SM Muneer noted that conflicts between goods transporters and officials take place repeatedly and cause grave issues for traders and industrialists. He said that strikes effect shipments and delays of exports order, which brings bad name to the industry and effect exports and industrial sector directly.

President KATI said that while our exports deficit is rising and national debt is also on the hike, our economy couldn’t bear such incidents. He said that if the situation would continue, our exports can fall horribly. He said that due to delays traders are facing cancellations of import orders and expiry of LCs. SM Muneer and Massod Naqi demanded in this joint statement to resolve issues of goods transports urgently. “A long term and permanent solution should be provided to transporters to resolve this issue permanently” the urged.

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