KATI seeks timely pre-monsoon arrangement in industrial areas

President of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) Zahid Saeed urged for pre-monsoon arrangements in Karachi. He referred to recent forecast of heavy rains by weather department. He said that water drainage system of the metropolis has been collapsed and need cleaning and reconstruction on different spots and location. Zahid said Korangi Industrial Area is situated near the Malir riverbed and despite many restrictions and court orders debris and garbage dumped illegally in the soundings, we have cautioned many times that in case of heavy rains this problem could cause heavy losses, keeping this concern in view, government should take measures for removing debris and garbage piles from Malir river Area as well. He further said that preparation in all industrial areas should be completed before any emergency situation because problems after rains in Industrial area could affect country’s economy.

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