ITA ensures quality education for hundreds of school children

Hundreds of school children in a government school of rural Sindh will have unhindered access to quality education with the upgradation of their school through a comprehensive school improvement project carried out by social sector. The project has been executed at Government Boys Comprehensive Higher Secondary School in Kotri, Hyderabad district, which is the largest public school in Hyderabad. The project has been undertaken by renowned social welfare organization Idara Taleem-O-Agahi (ITA). The school improvement project was supported by Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited to promote inclusive and equitable education for underprivileged individuals and communities. 

As part of the school improvement program, construction and renovation of 14 washrooms has been completed at the school to promote greater health and hygiene among students. Before the launch of school improvement project, only five out of 19 washrooms were functional at the school in which more than 1,900 students are enrolled.

“Children are the future of Pakistan. By ensuring them adequate access to quality education, we are striving to secure a brighter future for Pakistan. It is vital to create conducive environment for the school children and provide them sufficient opportunities to help them acquire modern education. ITA has been pursuing nationwide education ventures to educate thousands of deserving children throughout Pakistan and we would continue to follow this mission with the kind support of our partners,” said ITA’s CEO Baela Raza.

In addition, a state-of-the art solar panel system has been installed at the school to ensure undisrupted power outages across the educational facility.  Increased use of viable and sustainable source of energy has significantly reduced the electricity cost, helping the school management to save funds and utilize them on the welfare of school children.

According to the school’s Vice Principal, Mr. Ismail Rana, “the project will improve access to a basic facility that was hindering enrolment rate at the school due to poor sanitary conditions. For a brighter future, we need to continue investing in our children and education.”

A splendid Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) was also organized to commemorate the completion of improved basic facilities at the school and inculcate learning through interactive and meaningful activities. On the occasion, the students actively participated in arts and craft sessions, interactive theatre workshop, digital learning activities, musical performances and science experiments to add color to the festivity. These activities were designed to encourage critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving among the students.

MPA MQM Shabbir Hussain Qaim Khani also visited the sessions. “I found the CLF very impressive. The children participated and responded whole heartedly. The children loved the story telling sessions and if they are guided properly by their teachers, their love for reading books will definitely increase,” he said.

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