Iqra University organised seminar on World Hypertension Day

Iqra University’s North Campus organised a seminar on the importance of heart health, focusing on “World Hypertension Day” under the auspices of the Pakistan Hypertension League. The seminar aimed to raise awareness about the adverse effects of hypertension, with the distinguished cardiologist, Professor Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan, Secretary-General of the Pakistan Hypertension League, expressing his thoughts on hypertensive complications, which greatly enlightened the audience.

Professor Abdul Rashid Khan’s insightful discussion emphasised the understanding of hypertension and the significance of its management in preventing cardiac complexities. His presence added significance to the seminar, motivating the attendees to prioritize heart health. Dr. Muhammad Masroor, Dean of Health Sciences, highlighted the vastness of the field of health sciences, stressing the importance of students being well-informed. To fulfill this objective, Dr. Rafaya Ahmed, a faculty member, organized an exceptional series of health sciences seminars at Iqra University’s North Campus. She consistently strives to enhance the learning and comprehension abilities of the university’s students, which is why I commend Dr. Rafaya Ahmed’s enthusiasm and dedication.

Dr. Uzair Raja, a Brand Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, shared his personal experiences to guide aspiring pharmacists regarding the scope of industrial pharmacy and encouraged them to pursue a better future in this field. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Muhammad Masroor, the Dean of Health Sciences IUNC, presented shields and certificates to Professor Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan and Dr. Uzair Raja. The event was attended by Dr. Muhammad Imran, HOD of Pharmacy, and Dr. Rafaya Ahmed, Faculty Member.


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