ILMA University recognizes writers through its books and case study writing

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It is high time that writers got recognized and rewarded for their enriched efforts in their publications which they produce through the relentless work process. Ilma University stands to appreciate the authors and bestow upon them the prestigious Ilma Books and case study writing Rewards, which instil immense faith as well as trust in their enlightened endeavours.

The art of writing and producing a large volume of rich-text requires focus and the platform as its significance diminishes day by day. This fantastic initiative taken by Ilma University puts authoring a book into perspective, knowing its importance in the education field. There is a shortage of good writer’s world over, and such incentives address this in particular as a dire motivation for writers everywhere.

To spur cognition and creativity, it is essential to make strides in the areas which smarten the acumen through fine literature plus research. Ilma University has taken a significant step towards its book writing rewards as it encourages and creates an enabling environment for the production of more quality reads in this current era.


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