Haleeb Foods provides support to Dairy Farmers

In line with its vision to facilitate the growth of the dairy sector of Pakistan, Haleeb Foods Ltd. under the banner of its Asli Milk brand, carried out support initiatives with the dairy farmers of Jhang yesterday. Under these initiatives, HFL provided means to build sheds to facilitate dairy farmers and educational training sessions were also conducted by its Milk Collection and Dairy Services (MCDS) department.

This initiative by HFL demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment to protect and restore the resources that its industry and communities heavily rely on. Billboard skins of HFL’s Asli Milk campaign were reused for the construction of dairy farming sheds. The aim of these sheds is to facilitate the farmers by providing them relief from the scorching heat and help them increase their business. Furthermore, the various training sessions which were carried out convinced farmers to grow their own green fodder as a means to cut their costs and add to their profits.

Dr. Imdad, Head of Milk Collection and Dairy Services at Haleeb Foods Ltd., commenting about this initiative said, “These training sessions conducted by our MCDS division play a pivotal role in educating dairy farmers about various aspects of dairy farming. The implications of these trainings are witnessed through better yield of milk from animals, healthier cows, better fodder for the animals etc.”

Speaking about the initiative, CEO Haleeb Foods Ltd., Memosh Khawaja stated that “We are not only recycling materials used in our Asli Milk Campaign, but also adding to the infrastructure to aid in the day to day activities of dairy farmers. Farmers will be able to use these sheds to carry out their business activities more comfortably. He further said that, “Sustainability lies at the heart of HFL’s core pillars upon which the company stands. Haleeb Foods Ltd. would urge other market players as well to make better use of these advertising skins which would otherwise go to waste.”

Over the past several years, HFL has participated in various development projects which have added great value to the dairy industry of Pakistan. HFL has not only successfully provided services for the vaccination of over 20,000 animals but has also helped farmers develop water ponds and silage units for their dairy animals. Eradicating poverty, providing equal opportunities for women and increasing the number of self-employed individuals in the economy are the core values and objectives of HFL’s dairy development projects.

HFL remains steadfast in introducing new innovative products and initiatives. HFL created a whole new category called Value-For-Money Milk with its brand ‘Asli Milk’. Asli Milk is wholesome and pure quality milk that provides the public the absolute surety that they are getting the most affordable and 100% real milk for all their daily dairy needs.

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