METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan collaborates with SOS children’s village

METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan celebrated METRO Volunteer Day by joining hands with SOS Children’s Village, which is one of Pakistan’s largest charity organizations dedicated to orphaned and abandoned children. Since a number of children here have experienced difficult situations in life, coming from neglected and sometimes violent backgrounds, METRO Pakistan employees were given the opportunity to dedicate their time to the cause of spreading happiness by creating an unforgettable day for 40 children from Nursery till Class 3 at SOS Children’s Village in Lahore.

Various fun-filled activities were organized with the purpose of creating a safe, interactive and collaborative space for children. The volunteers’ energy levels were consistently upbeat and celebratory, and everyone worked together to ensure that the children had a good time. The day gave METRO’s volunteers a chance as privileged members of the society, to feel the responsibility to give something back to the underprivileged children.

Through active participation and commitment of its employees, METRO Pakistan aims to continue on the path of making a positive difference in the lives of the communities where it operates.


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