FWCCI to establish women’s export display centre in collaboration with FPCCI

Faisalabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FWCCI) will establish the Women Export Display Centre in collaboration with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) at Faisalabad to facilitate ‘Access to Market’ for women’s products. These products, particularly handmade articles, are highly demanded in traditional and non-traditional markets abroad, said Mrs Rubina Amjad, President FWCCI and Chairperson of FPCCI Standing Committee on Think Tank.


Speaking at the symposium on ‘Digital Transformation of Women Businesses in Pakistan’, Mrs Rubina Amjad, President FWCCI and Chairperson of FPCCI Standing Committee on Think Tank, highlighted the untapped potential of Pakistan’s export volume. She emphasized that if we can facilitate and fetch the best price for women’s products, particularly hand-made ones, in international markets, our export volume could soar, opening up new and exciting opportunities for women entrepreneurs.


Mrs Rubina Amjad, as the Founder and current President of Faisalabad Women’s Chamber and now Chairperson of the FPCCI Think Tank Committee, reiterated her unwavering commitment to support women doing business or startups. She emphasized the importance of equipping them with the international scenario of Digital transformation, which offers a pathway to overcome traditional barriers and achieve sustainable growth. By embracing digital tools and strategies, women entrepreneurs can enhance their competitiveness and market base in this planet of more than 200 countries. She stressed that ‘Access to Market’ is the most important step for the attention of policymakers, and the Government and policymakers should take it in letter and spirit. Supporting women entrepreneurs on this front is her missionary zeal, and she has worked tirelessly in collaboration with FPCC and other organizations to bring under one roof experts from various sectors to promote digitalisation, freelancing accounts, digital marketing zero-interest loans and web-based development.


She said that at FWCCI, we have already established the first-ever ‘Business Incubation Centre, ‘ which has now been upgraded to ‘The Women Resource Centre’ in collaboration with the Industries Department, Government of Punjab. Our women entrepreneurs can benefit from the enriched training programs and business development opportunities that are occasionally organised. We are striving to establish an exclusive women entrepreneurs block and women skill development centre at M-3 Allama Iqbal industrial estate, Faisalabad.


Qurrat ul Ain, Vice President FPCCI, appreciated the role of FPCCI Chairperson Think Tank Committee/President FWCCI for organising the most important Symposium on ‘Digital transformation of Women Businesses in Pakistan’ and congratulated her for this milestone success. She said empowering women entrepreneurs in Access to Finance and Access the market is a dire need, and FPCCI and Think Tank Committee/FWCCI will work together in this respect. She said that women’s products must receive facilitation for market access to domestic and international destinations. She said that women entrepreneurs must be supported for delegation visits and participation in global trade fairs at subsidised rates by the Government.


She emphasised the ‘Industry-Academia Linkage’ as being of prime importance, and educated female graduates must opt for business as a career as job providers instead of job seekers. She quoted examples of various women entrepreneurs as successful businesswomen today. She assured full cooperation from FPCCI for future ventures of the Think Tank Committee and FWCCI.


Women entrepreneurs and business start-ups at the Symposium#.


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