Foreign tourists visited the Northern Bypass Cattle Market.

A tourist family from Poland visited the Northern Bypass Cattle Market and expressed their surprise and happiness to see the presence of a large number of sacrificial animals. Tourists named Tukanie and Matkania accompanied their children. Visited the cattle market.

The tourist family had never seen such a large number of cattle together.

The family was not only impressed by the large number of cattle but also by the high breed and healthy animals. They were particularly appreciative of the well-maintained facilities and efficient management of the Northern Bypass Cattle Market.

On this occasion, foreign tourists said they were happy to see so much livestock production and beautiful and healthy animals in Pakistan.

They said that the enthusiasm found in Pakistan to perform Sunnah-e-Ibrahimi is also impressive.

The foreign tourists expressed satisfaction with the facilities available in the cattle market, especially the security arrangements, and took selfies and pictures with the beautiful cattle in different parts of the market.


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