Joint efforts will be made to welcome Foreign Direct Investment: Durre Samin.

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President Culture Literary International Friends Forum Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan, while addressing the Annual General Meeting of CLIFF-PAKISTAN, said that economic stability can only be achieved for the country by promoting culture, tourism and literature. We have to play our role for the economic survival of our country.

On this occasion, Cultural Secretary Syed Qalbe Muhammad, International Coordinator Beenish Abidi, Director Syed Aliza Raza, Consul General of Malawi Riaz Qadir, Syed Azfar Raza, Director Audit ZTBL Syed Qamar Abbas, Kashif Hafeez, Director The Japan House Syed Shuja Haider, Sindh Police FM Station Head Waseem Abbasi, President of Pakistan UK Chamber of Commerce Aamir Khawaja and others dignitaries were also present.

Further, Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan said that we need firm legislation to improve the country’s positive image. The advanced and developed countries spend billions of dollars highlighting the country’s positive image, but unfortunately, we do not pay any attention to this aspect.

Hadiz International Corporation and CLIFF are working day and night to play their role in grooming the new generation. We have to end the frustration prevailing among the youth through Cultural, literary and International friendship activities and social media. Vice President Durre Samin Naweed said that Joint efforts will be made to welcome Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan and prevent the outflow of capital from our country- for bringing Pakistan out of economic depression, creating employment and investment opportunities, and promoting tourism.

Honorary Consul General of Malawi, His Excellency Riaz Qadir, appreciated the vision and mission of CLIFF-Pakistan and termed it a big step towards global stability. Connecting the people of fourteen different countries with Pakistan through CLIFF is a big task. They are doing this work with great zeal. It is not easy to present a soft image of a country surrounded by so many difficulties and economic challenges. Cultural Secretary Syed Qalbe Muhammad said that economic problems are crucial and need drastic structural changes in our system. Strenuous efforts are required to put the system on the right path for economic growth. The key to success is Corruption free Pakistan.

All the members of CLIFF-Pakistan have been working voluntarily by using their resources since its inception -the year 2015. He expressed deep thankfulness and gratitude to the CEO of Hadiz International, Durre Samin, newly appointed Vice President of CLIFF -Pakistan, for their generous sponsorship to make the event successful. At the end of the ceremony, certificates of appreciation were distributed to Gulnaz Jahan, Dr. Sadia Khalil, Khalid Hasan, Shazia Nayyar, Nawab M Hussain, Anam Saqib, Fareeha Aqib and others. The Pride of Performance Award-winning singer Mohammad Ali Shehki, Ustad Khadim Hussain and others entertained the audience with their superb performance.

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